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Meet Joel

Board Member

Joel Merrifield Sr.


N-shong, sk-kee-ye’ (Greetings my Relatives) Wailacki Language

I’am Joel Merrifield Sr- shi-ghwoo-she (is my name)

Enrolled Tribal Member with the Round Valley Indian Tribes- located in Covelo, CA home of the Round Valley Indian Reservation My tribes are: Nomlaki, Little Lake Pomo on my Mothers side and Wailacki- Eel River on my Father’s side. I reside and grew up in Kin-teelh-cho-be’ sii-ghang- ( Round Valley, I Live) Graduate of Round Valley High School in 1998, and have attended three Community College’s: Mendocino College, College of the Redwoods and Santa Fe Community College. I have earned a Certificate of Achievement in Health and Human Services, and still continue my higher education today studying Social Work.

  • 12 years of community work experience here in our tribal community thru Health and Wellness thru our local Culture
  • Active FIS/MIS Facilitator with NAFFA- Native American Fatherhood & Families Association
  • Current Board Member with my Grandmothers Church- The Round Valley United Methodist Church
  • Round Valley Feather Dancer
  • Current Tribal Council Member with The Round Valley Indian Tribes- Member at Large 21-2024
  • Currently employed thru the Round Valley Indian Health Center for the last 7 years – as Wellness Center Coordinator.
  • Father of three amazing children and happily married to my Wife Jamie for 13 years.

Nshong-nhaa-nul-la “ Thank you”