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Senior Program Specialist/ Executive Assistant

Patricia Titman

Patricia Titman is a remarkable individual whose multifaceted roles as a devoted mother of two, a dedicated student, a traditional dancer, and a valued community leader define her impactful presence. Recently graduating from Sacramento City College with an A.S. in nutrition, Patricia harbors aspirations of furthering her education in medicine, driven by her unwavering commitment to serving others.

Deeply connected to her cultural roots, Patricia's passion lies in fostering wellness within tribal communities through the integration of traditional practices and cultural wisdom as proactive measures for prevention. Her extensive involvement as the Senior Program Specialist for the Native Dads Network underscores her dedication to uplifting and empowering Indigenous families.

With a heart devoted to service and a spirit grounded in tradition, Patricia embodies the essence of resilience, compassion, and strength. Her journey exemplifies a profound dedication to holistic well-being and community betterment, illuminating a path of healing and empowerment for generations to come.